Mabel Bean & Co™ offers the following services for authors and creators. If you have a book or a product that is ready for production, we can help you cross the finish line!

We happily share our expertise of nearly 20 years in design and publishing. We can advise and assist you with ideas along the way, usually at no additional cost!

  • 100% original, custom illustration for books, games and other retail products
  • Design and illustration for packaging materials from boxes to bags
  • Marketing design from brochures, flyers and signage to stickers and buttons
  • Unique character development from people and animals to aliens and robots
  • Book layouts and cover design PDF file-ready for Amazon
  • Proofreading and copywriting for books we design
  • Website design from beginning to end or just providing artwork for custom buttons, icons, etc.


We love working with all kinds of budgets! Sometimes creators have a lot of great ideas and not a lot of money, but that doesn't mean your dream can't come true. Tell us what you want to spend and we'll whip out our magic wand (er... pencil) and show you what we can provide. Don't be shy - ask us for a quote!

  • Simple logos from $50
  • Layout for a small book under 100 pages, including standard dedication page, contents page, copyright page, resource page, etc., and stylized chapter titles, from $600!
  • Book covers (front and back) from $400
  • Simple, one-page website design from $500 (not including 3rd party fees)

Our Specialty

We commonly design work geared for children, families and teachers, but take on projects of all kinds. If you're a small business owner who has never worked with a professional designer, we make it fun and easy. Restaurants and motels are an excellent example of businesses that can benefit from updated marketing materials online and in print.

We specialize in working with medical professionals to bring modern science to teachers and families in an understandable way. With a little creativity, we give these projects a warm, friendly appeal.